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      Coastal Crew Blog

      Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Review

      Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Review

      We love to travel and this was our first family vacation since COVID started in March 2020. To say we were excited to have some fun in the sun and relax is an understatement. 

      We were really late in planning this trip so there were no VRBOs available anywhere in Southern Florida. We did some research and ended up booking at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Bonita Springs Florida. 

      The first thing notable about this resort is its proximity to RSW Airport. It's close. Real close. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the hotel which was great and a big plus when we had to catch our flight back home. It's also centrally located and an easy drive to Naples which has beautiful beaches and a great downtown and Fort Myers Beach for a little nightlife. 

      Driving up to the resort was a nice first impression. The hotel is impressive and there was a nice selection of exotic cars out front including a Lamborghini and a wide range of Tesla's, Audi's and more. 

      The Hotel

      The common areas and the grounds of the hotel were beautiful...top notch. Grabbing a drink and sitting outside at night near the fountains was a highlight. The air was warm, the drinks were strong and the sound of the water set the tone for our first night. We were officially in vacation mode. 

      The Rooms

      Quite frankly, we were unimpressed by the rooms, particularly at the premium price we paid. They were a bit dated, the beds weren't particularly comfy and the bathrooms (tub/shower combo) were not nearly as nice at other Hyatt properties we've stayed at. We didn't spend much time in the room, and you likely won't either but still...for the price we expected much more. 

      The Pools

      The Pool complex is the star of the show at this hotel. With 4 pools, 5 slides and a lazy river there is more than enough to keep everyone busy and having fun for days. Most lazy rivers have multiple opportunities to get soaked. Not the case here which was fine by me. I had my drink in hand and just floated along...and along...and along.

      Word of caution...the pool chair situation is intense. You need to get your towels down before 8 am or you will likely not have chairs, particularly by the pools with the slides. If you missed out you will have another shot at chairs when they open the lazy river side at 9am. There were ample chairs at the adult pool and at less desirable areas. 

      The wait staff from Corkscrew that cover the pool areas are rock stars. Super friendly and attentive. The chairs have little flags attached that you flip up for service. We seldom waited more than a minute or two for our waiter when we needed them. Drinks were $10 which is pricey but not unreasonable for a resort. Definitely try the Killer Coladas, the Grouper Sandwich with plantain chips and the Hummus! 

      The Beach

      Another awesome feature of this hotel is the private beach. Getting to the beach is a quick 15 minute boat ride across the inlet and you might even see dolphins along the way (we did). The beach was great. Not overcrowded, great sand, plentiful chairs with umbrellas and tons of shells to find. If you end up doing a beach day keep in mind there are no services at this beach aside from bathrooms. Come prepared with your drinks and food if you want to spend the day there. We failed to plan and only stayed a couple hours. Don't make the same mistake we did! Get your Yeti and cooler ready!

      The Food and Drink

      We ate at most of the restaurants on the property. Tanglewood has a great breakfast buffet and very delicious pizzas, which you can get at a few locations in the hotel. Corkscrew was our "Go To" for days at the pool. We also ate at Tarpon Bay - the resorts upscale offering. The food there was definitely a higher caliber but not out of this world and the service left a little to be desired.  Feels like we just ate there on an off night. The bartender there was outstanding... great service, great drinks. 


      The hotel has a lot to do besides the pools. There is a small climbing wall, bags and a few fire pits for making s'mores at night (you can buy supplies on site). We didn't venture off property much but we did rent a boat for the day which was a blast. Check out Bonita Boat Rentals. Friendly staff, decent (but older) pontoon boats at a reasonable daily rate of around $400. It was so fun to putter around, look for dolphins and look at the beautiful properties that line the water front. 

      Closer to the hotel we did an evening of mini-golf at Congo River Golf which was a blast. A totally fun course with all kinds of water features and little twists to the game to keep things interesting. 

      Overall we had a fantastic vacation at the Hyatt Coconut Point in Bonita Springs and will be back! 

      Rating: 4 out 5 Stars 

      Things we bought and packed for this trip:

      Shoes - Bought my 3rd pair of Hey Dudes for this trip. I LOVE (love) these shoes. So comfortable, so light and airy, great for the beach, the pool or just walking around town. My wife thinks they are ugly. I think they are awesome. 

      Swim Trunks - When it comes to swim trunks, its gotta be Chubbies. Bought  this awesome pair that looks like khaki shorts and another pair with this fun pattern....margaritas anyone?

      Coastal Crew gear:

      Brought our Anthem UPF50 Sun Protection Hoodie. Its insanely comfy, looks great and is perfect for when you're done with the sun throughout the day. Dries super quick. 

      Also packed our New Charleston lightweight Hoodie in Athletic Grey. Wore it out to dinner one night and looked good enough for my wife to comment. Also had someone at the bar ask me where I got it. I said..."how much time you got..haha". 

      Last but not least I packed our Nantucket Deckhand Q-zip. It's lightweight and perfect for cool summer evenings. Looks great with a pair of dress shorts and flip flops (or Hey Dudes).

       About Coastal Crew

      Coastal Crew is a clothing brand for those that love the preppy look and live to be on the water. Our marque items are our Lightweight Deckhand Hoodies (the only hoodie with a dress shirt fabric hood liner), our Deckhand Q-Zips and our Dockside Men's Polos. We were founded in 2019 and operate out of Chicago where our products are made.

      The story behind Coastal Crew and our Deckhand Hoodie

      On Spring Break in 2019 we were in Fort Myer's Beach (back when traveling was a thing). Our friends rented this incredible VRBO right on the ocean.

      The first night we were sitting around the bon fire drinking, bare feet in the sand, laughing and talking about the day. I remember thinking how awesome that moment was. To be right there, right then, with our "Crew". That was the moment Coastal Crew was born. 

      When we got back to Chicago we brainstormed our first product. We talked about how much we love hoodies and also love a great dress shirt. You see where this is going? The Deckhand Hoodie was born! We created our first prototype by pinning dress shirt fabric inside a hoodie I had in my closet.

      It wasn't pretty but we saw the potential immediately. We got to work. We engineered our lightweight hoodie from the ground up...

      We found the perfect fabric for the hoodie itself (a lightweight insanely soft bamboo blend) and then created several coordinating dress shirt patterns...each inspired by a different iconic Coastal town in the US: 



      We've come along way since Spring Break 2019. We have so much in the works for the future! Next up will be our take on the polo launching in May. Set an alert here by clicking the link under the size selector.

      5 Things to know about Coastal Crew lightweight hoodies

      1. Made in Chicago

      Coastal Crew is based just outside of Chicago so it only makes sense that our hoodies would be made here as well. It's not the cheapest way but we think it's the best way.

      2. You Can Layer It

      Yep. Our lightweight hoodies were designed with a special notch at the neck so you can easily layer it over a dress shirt. It's a great look when you want to dress it up a bit.

      3. You can Flip it

      We keep the logos on our hoodies subtle but functional. Our cuff labels are reversible so you can flip it and push it up.

      4. They are indescribably soft

      If you own one of our hoodies you already know that they are insanely soft. That softness comes from a unique blend of rayon from bamboo. We also added a little spandex to give them a little stretch for that perfect fit.

      5. Beach House Hoodie

      Our NEW Beach House hoodies are the exact same cut and fabric as our Deckhand hoodies. Only difference is that our Beach House hoodies do not have the dress shirt liner and they come in a lot more colors!

      May Crew Update

      Hey everyone, 

      Not sure about you but we are feeling a little more hopeful these days. We're dreaming about Summer: drinks by the pool, golf, seeing our friends and getting out on the water! We also have a trip to Seaside planned for July so crossing fingers for that one…
      Not gonna lie, our inventory situation is pretty dire. We are low on just about everything. Good news is our factory in Chicago is slowly coming back to life after making PPE since March. Our new Beach style hoodie and a restock of our Deckhand Hoodies will happen in 4-6 weeks
      We do have some new products on deck. Our brand new Beer Can Coolers are available now and we have some awesome new UV gear coming in June. 
      Hope you all are happy, healthy and hanging in there...
      Your Friends @ Coastal Crew

      April Crew Update

      Hi everyone, 

      Looking back to our last email on March 9th, the world was a very different place. Like you, we were gearing up for Spring Break, dreaming about drinks by the pool, sun and fun on the beach. Just a few days later the state of Illinois, and other parts of the country would go on lock down and all plans were put on hold. Now, we are hunkered down and making a list of the vacations we will take, the dinners we will have and all the people we will see once everything gets back to normal...and it will. 

      On the business front, we have learned a ton about inventory management these last few weeks. Once again we quickly sold out of our Deckhand Hoodies in L, XL and XXL. We just didn't make enough in these sizes and won't make that mistake again. Sorry about that. All the folks on the wait list will get notified the moment we are back in stock.

      Our factory in Chicago remains closed and it will probably be at least until May until things are running again. First up is our "Naked" Deckhand hoodie which is the same awesome material as our Deckhand hoodies without the Dress Shirt hood liner. We think its the best lightweight hoodie on the market...at least the most comfortable!

      Thanks for taking this journey with us. Please stay careful, and stay safe. We will see you on the other side. 

      Your friends at Coastal Crew